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Water Depot: Clean Drinking Water for Newmarket, and York Region Area Homes and Offices

Using a water softening or purification system promises clean, pure water, ideal for drinking. At Water Depot in Newmarket, we offer a wide range of residential and commercial drinking water systems, including ultra-violet treatment devices, reverse osmosis systems and many others. By filtering your water’s mineral content, our treatment products not only help your home or office provide healthy drinking water, they also help improve the longevity of your boilers, cooling towers, plumbing systems and more.

Save on Energy with Our Water Softening Solutions

The water straight from your faucet consists of minerals, such a dissolved calcium and magnesium. These minerals create hard water deposits and actually make it difficult to efficiently clean your dishes and laundry, forcing your appliances to use more water and thereby increasing your hydro bill. By having a water softener installed in your home, you'll get a richer lather faster, while using less water and reducing your energy costs

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